Automatic Lever Citrus Juicer "Santos" #70 EVOLUTION

Automatic Lever Citrus Juicer "Santos" #70 EVOLUTION

Automatic Lever Citrus Juicer "Santos" #70 EVOLUTION

 Automatic Lever Citrus Juicer "Santos" #70 EVOLUTION
Production: 50 l./h
Dimensions: 240x400x490mm
Power: 275 W / 230 V
Speed: 1500 RPM
Weight: 10 kg
Made in France.


It was designed to meet the new expectations of the market. Indeed, the ever-increasing demand for fresh fruit juices pressed "on demand" has highlighted new requirements: even more performance and power and easier to use and clean.
The new lever juicer 70 “Evolution” combines all the requirements to meet the new market requirements whilst being able to make juice by the glass or in jugs.
It offers a greater juice extraction speed thanks to the innovative spiral reamer profile and the high motor speed (1,500 rpm).
It is the only product on the market having a reamer which spins the pulp by centrifugation (higher output) and a unique clutch/brake system which provides an automatic start as soon as the fruit is introduced.
Disassembly and cleaning are quick and easy thanks to the various removable accessories: bowl, reamer and cup which can be removed without tools and which can be put in the dishwasher.
Lastly, its efficiency provides fast work in complete safety (the reamer stops when the lever is raised) and its design makes it a real counter tool which fits in with modern decoration trends.
The operating simplicity of the new lever juicer no. 70 makes it an essential tool for the barman: a demonstrative appliance which is easy to use and clean and which is adaptable (taking all sizes of oranges and also all types of citrus fruit).
This lever citrus juicer is designed for all those in the trade offering on their menus fresh fruit juices or smoothies (juice bars) and more generally for restaurants, bars, cafés, hotels, collective caterers, etc.

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