Cooling cabinet "Coolhead" GN600 FISH, 600 L

Cooling cabinet "Coolhead" GN600 FISH, 600 L

Cooling cabinet "Coolhead" GN600 FISH, 600 L

Cooling cabinet "Coolhead" GN600 FISH
Dimensions: 680×810×2010 mm
Capacity: 600 liters
Temperature: 0 °C ~ +5 °C
Electricity consumption kW/24val.: 2.9
7 pans for fish
The new generation of electronic control panel "Dixell" "Blue Line "
Compressor: Zanussi, refrigerant: R134a
Digital thermometer
Automatic the defrosting
Static cooling
The door lock
Exterior, interior, and adjustable feet are made of stainless steel
Weight: 135 kg
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