Cutter "Sirman" C4 (3.3 L)

Cutter "Sirman" C4 (3.3 L)

Cutter "Sirman" C4 (3.3 L)

Cutter SIRMAN C4
Bowl capacity: 3,3 L
Bowl filling level: 1,5 L
Revolutions: model C4 – 2800, model C4 VV – 1500-2800, model C4 VT - 500-2500
Power: 350 W / 230 V
Dimensions: 305x365x255mm
Detached motor and bowl for a better thermal insulation
High efficiency ventilated motor for continuous operation
Safe operations ensured by a system of micro switches on the lid
Lid with opening to add ingredients during operation
See-through lexan lid
S/S bowl with handles and heavy bottom
Strong AISI 430 steel construction
Strong cutlery steel knives
Standard: spatula and sharpening stones
Variotronic: speed control with stabilizer
C4, C6 and C9 available with steplessly variable-speed drive
C15 available with 2 speeds
C15 HP7 with steplessly variable-speed drive and inverter as a standard
Optional: serrated knives, emulsifying knives, knives for pesto sauce and knives to mix dough.

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