Gas fryer "Bertos" GL10+10B (10+10 L)

Gas fryer "Bertos" GL10+10B (10+10 L)

Gas fryer "Bertos" GL10+10B (10+10 L)

Gas fryer BERTO'S TURBO GL10+10B
Capacity: 10+10 L
Dimensions: 800 x 700 x 290+120 mm
Capacity: 2 x (350x260x225 mm)
Basket dimensions: 2 x (300x245x115 mm)
Power: 13,8 kW
Kcal / h: 11.868
Btu / hr: 47.087
Thermostat: 0 -190 °C
Pilot flame
Gas protection valve
Stainless steel body
Oil Drain Valve
Weight: 41 kg
Made in Italy.
Front panels made of AISI 304 STAINLESS STEEL.
Two rounded independent tanks with a wide cold zone to collect food residue. Tubular burners with honey-comb section.
The frying system maintains the organoleptic characteristics of the oil which allows for a healthier production and furthermore, limits the required oil changes giving further savings.
Safety system with thermocouple and safety thermostat, protected pilot flame.
Temperature adjustment with 7 positions from 110° to 190°C.
Maximum output per hour: 24 kg.
Average frying time of 5 minutes.
Pre-heating time of 10 minutes (from 20 to 190°C).
Piezoelectric ignition button with silicone protection.
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