Tumble dryer "Danube International" DD16 Basic

  • Tumble dryer "Danube International"DD16 Basic

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    Tumble dryer "Danube International" DD16 Basic

    Tumble dryer "Danube International" DD16 Basic

    Tumble dryer "Danube International" DD16 Basic
    Capacity (1:18 1:20): 18-17 kg
    Hourly Output BASIC: 33 Kg/h
    Evaporation capacity BASIC: 17.2 l/h
    Drum volume: 330 l
    Drum: Ø 750 mm
    Door: Ø 574 mm
    Door center height: 976 mm
    Load hole bottom height: 689 mm
    Drum length: 746 mm
    Drum motor power: 0.25 kW
    Fan Motor Power BASIC: 0.25 kW
    Total Installed power BASIC: 18.55 kW / 400 V
    Electric Heating (Installed power) 18 kW
    Dimensions: 785x1010x1694 mm
    Max air ow BASIC: 850 m3/h
    Fume exhaust: Ø 200 mm
    Noise level BASIC: 64 dB
    Weight: 187 kg
    Made in France
    Tumble dryer in galvanised steel
    Big loading door (opening of 180°)
    Direct drive through a gearbox, no pulley
    Time and temperature selection. (These models do not allow the moisture control option)
    REVERSING DRUM: All models offer the reverse turning of the drum.
    Drum in galvanised steel
    Radial airflow circuit
    New filter drawer with wide surface and improved airflow
    Cool Down: Anti-wrinkle at the end of cycle
    Models available in electric or gas heating.


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