Detergent "Coffee clean", 15x20 g

Detergent "Coffee clean", 15x20 g

Espresso machine detergent "Coffee clean"
Quantity: 15x20 g
Dimensions: 90x90x120 mm
Weight: 355 g
Backflush powder, essential for maintenance of traditional espresso machines.
Removes coffee oil deposits from brewing groups, electrical valves and water circuits
Perfect for all back flush capable espresso machines and parts cleaning
Special formulation designed to bond to metal and prevent pitting and corrosion
Made in Italy.
This powder can be used for the daily cleaning of your espresso machine and you will get it in a handy and practical can. It easily removes coffee, oil and tannins.

Take this coffee detergent for cleaning coffee pots and Thermo flasks together with espresso machines, fully automatic coffee machines, filter holder and others. This cleaner removes easily coffee, oil and tannins. In this realtion the powder is easily soluble in water. Just mix one spoon Coffee easyclean with one litre water in a stainless steel container. Dive your dirty goods in the solution and soak them well for 10 to 20 seconds. Or just put one tea-spoon of Coffee easyclean in the blind filter. Open the delivery valve, keep it opened for about 10 seconds, than close. Repeat the operation at intervals of about 20 seconds until the water discharged is perfectly clean. Using a normal filter rinse with plenty of water. Moreover the powder is up to 90% biodegradable. Use rubber gloves and wear safety glasses!
The powder is kept in a practical 900g can which is reclosable and has a stable quality.

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    Detergent "Coffee clean", 15x20 g

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