Dishwasher "Omniwash" 5000ST

Dishwasher "Omniwash" 5000ST

Dishwasher "Omniwash" 5000ST
The Jolly range is designed to deliver consistent washing results while being easy to use with low running costs and a long durable lifetime.
Electronic Control
Dishwasher "Omniwash" 5000ST
Cassette: 500x500 mm
Output units. per hour.: 1500 glasses, 540 plates
Washing time: 120 s
Number of cycles per hour.: 30
You can wash 320 mm tall glasses
Dimensions: 590x622x817.5 mm
Power: 3.45 kW / 230 V
Boiler capacity: 6 L
Boiler power: 2.7 kW
Wash bath capacity: 29 L
Wash bathroom heating power: 2.2 kW
Wash pump power: 0.75 kW
Weight: 50 kg
Made in Italy.

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    Dishwasher "Omniwash" 5000ST

  • Brand: Omniwash
  • Product Code: OW04M000M000G005
  • 1,436.00 € 1,263.68 € Ex Tax:

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